At Aussie Traveller, we understand that the essence of camping lies in the seamless blend of comfort and the raw beauty of outdoor adventures. Unleash the beast of outdoor living with our versatile caravan awnings that morph your caravans into vibrant, expandable havens.

Experience sun-drenched mornings under a cool caravan awning, rainy evenings transformed into cosy movie nights, and spontaneous barbecues with the stars as your ceiling, all while enjoying complete protection and an unparalleled outdoor experience. Explore our diverse awning types and elevate your caravan lifestyle to new heights with Aussie Traveller.

Caravan Awning Types

Embark on a journey of outdoor comfort and versatility as we unveil the diverse world of high-quality caravan awnings, each designed to enhance and tailor your caravan experience. With some of the best awning brands, search our online shop for the best caravan awnings for your camper, RV or motorhome.

Roll-Out Awnings

Caravan roll-out awnings are a popular and convenient awning type designed to provide instant shade and protection for outdoor spaces. A rollout awning seamlessly integrates into the caravan's structure, allowing for effortless deployment with a simple roll-out mechanism. Offering both convenience and flexibility, caravan roll out awnings are a practical solution for creating a comfortable and sheltered outdoor environment during camping or caravan trips.

Box Awnings

Caravan box awnings are a compact and space-efficient solution designed to provide shade and protection for outdoor spaces associated with caravans. These awnings are typically stored in a protective casing, ensuring easy transportation and quick deployment when needed. With a user-friendly design and sturdy construction, caravan box awnings offer a practical and stylish way to enhance your outdoor experience while on the road.

Fixed Awnings

Caravan fixed awnings are permanent or semi-permanent structures attached to the caravan, providing a consistent and reliable outdoor shelter. These awnings are designed to remain in place, offering a more stable and durable solution compared to retractable options. With a fixed awning, caravan owners can create a dedicated and comfortable outdoor space that seamlessly extends from their mobile living quarters.

The Benefits of A Caravan Awning To Transform Your Outdoor Adventures

A caravan awning can transform your outdoor adventures, offering several benefits that elevate the overall camping experience. Providing shelter and shade, a caravan awning expands your living space, turning the area outside your caravan into a versatile haven for relaxation, soaking in the sun or socialising.

The Pros of A Caravan Awning

With the ability to shield your caravan wall and roof from both the relentless rain and the harsh sun, caravan awnings emerge as an indispensable companion, transforming the outdoor living area into a haven of comfort.

These versatile extensions not only protect against the elements but also redefine the way you connect with nature, offering a seamless blend of shelter and open-air enjoyment. Whether it's seeking refuge from the rain or basking in the shade on a sunny day, caravan awnings enhance the joy of your outdoor escapades, ensuring a more pleasurable and adaptable camping experience.

Do I Need An Anti Flap Kit?

An anti-flap kit for caravans is one of the many caravan accessories designed to enhance the stability and rigidity of an awning attached to your caravan. It typically consists of specialised brackets and support arms that secure the awning's fabric to prevent flapping and excessive movement caused by wind or other environmental factors. By minimising flapping, the anti-flap kit improves the overall structural integrity of the awning, creating a more stable and enjoyable outdoor living space for caravan owners.

Transform Your Camping Oasis

You've opted for the charm of a caravan over a traditional four-wall cabin with windows, doors, and an extra room for guests. However, that doesn't mean your caravan can't be just as great. Transform any space, whether that's the rear or side of your camper van, but by crafting distinct walls to define a personalised living area you can soak up the space and unwind just as you please. Utilise integrated LED lights with your caravan awnings and completely revitalise your caravan space to make it entirely yours.

Installation of Caravan Awnings

Whether you want roll out awnings, side walls put up or individual walls, at Aussie Traveller we have our fitment and installation professionals at the ready to help out with all your caravan awning needs. Simply reach out to us and let our team take care of you by heading to our webpage.

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