In the vast landscape of caravan adventures in Australia, we understand the importance of caravan awnings, like our very own from Aussie Traveller, in elevating your outdoor living space. These versatile additions not only shield you from the elements but also introduce an extra layer of comfort to your caravan experience.


Whether it's due to the inevitable wear and tear of old awning fabric, or a desire to explore new fabric styles or awning types - the need for replacement awnings can often arise. At Aussie Traveller, we have the highest quality materials to make your caravan awning an outdoor camping oasis.

Factors Affecting Awning Replacement Costs

The cost of awning replacement is influenced by various factors that consumers should carefully consider. Key aspects such as the awning's dimensions, material choices, and brand preferences play a crucial role in determining the overall expenses for awning replacement projects.

The Type of Caravan Awnings

In the world of mobile shelters, caravan awnings cater to diverse needs, ranging from motorhome enthusiasts to RV owners. The simplicity and budget-friendly nature of a caravan roll out awning make them a popular choice, while the sleek design and enhanced protection of cassette awnings often come at a higher cost. The decision between manual and electric variants influences costs, with automated features adding convenience for both motorhome and RV owners but typically carrying a higher price tag.

The Correct Awning Size

The dimensions of a caravan awning, particularly its width and extension, play a pivotal role in determining the cost of replacement fabric. Larger awnings require more fabric material, resulting in increased expenses for replacement. Additionally, the installation process may become more intricate for larger awnings, potentially affecting labor costs and overall installation expenses.

Awning Fabric

Awning materials like acrylic, canvas and vinyl fabric, all exhibit varying characteristics that impact their price points.

Caravan Replacement Acrylic Fabric

Acrylic fabric, known for striking a balance between durability and lighter weight, becomes particularly valuable for caravan owners facing a large temperature fluctuation, including harsh winter months. Its moderate price point makes it an attractive choice, especially when considering the importance of selecting the correct size fabric for the roller tube to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the caravan awning.

Caravan Replacement Canvas Fabric

Canvas fabric, being much lighter and more breathable, proves suitable for a caravan rollout awning, adapting well to various weather conditions. This material, while often more cost-effective, still provides satisfactory UV resistance, making it a suitable and economical choice for budget-conscious consumers seeking a durable and versatile awning solution.

Caravan Replacement Vinyl PVC Fabric

Vinyl fabric stands out for its durability, making it particularly well-suited for enduring the harsh Australian sun. Its excellent UV resistance contributes to a longer lifespan, though the inclusion of features like a high UV rating can influence its cost. While the replacement vinyl or ripstop vinyl may come at a higher price, its hardy and durable nature makes it a reliable choice, available in a variety of colours to cater to different preferences.

Awning Fabric Replacement Costs

In Australia, the cost of awning material replacement specifically varies based on factors like the size of the awning, the chosen fabric quality, and the brand. On average, caravan owners in Australia can anticipate spending between $300 to $1,000 for awning fabric replacement. When contemplating an awning replacement, it's crucial to factor in elements like UV rating and weather durability, particularly in the Australian climate.

Choosing premium materials not only impacts the initial cost but can offer long-term value, addressing normal wear consumables and potentially aligning with a robust warranty policy. To make informed decisions, consulting with our expert team can guide you through the selection process, ensuring your investment in awning replacement stands the test of time.

Replace Parts with Aussie Traveller

Have you observed signs of wear and tear on your awning or discovered it to be faulty? If you need replacement vinyls or other caravan accessories, feel free to contact our friendly team at Aussie Traveller. Explore our caravan awnings today and reach out to us for assistance or for installation information.
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