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Pegs, Ropes & Poles

  • Pop-top Support Bar
    Sold out

    Pop-top Support Bar

    Twist lock support bar for use on pop-top caravans. Anodised silver with black plastic end caps.


Aussie Traveller Has a Huge Range of Pegs, Ropes & Poles

We are an outdoors company that helps you to live the life of a traveller comfortably while remaining within your budget. At Aussie Traveller, we love what we do. From day one, our mission has been to fulfill the needs of the Aussie travelling and camping community. We take pride in knowing that we can confidently give you the best travel experience at an affordable price.

If you are looking for a new adventure, then look no further than Aussie Traveller.

We supply the best range of Pegs, Ropes & Poles in Australia with our Screw In Pegs being the most popular! At Aussie Traveller, we make sure you have everything you need to set up your awning, shade walls, matting and tents securely.

We stock a huge variety of tent pegs, ropes and poles that can be used on your caravan set up, like securing down privacy screens and shade walls or tying down awnings and annexes. Many of these products can also be used around your campsite including our screw in pegs and ladder peg downs. Our products are easy to use, giving you more time to enjoy your holiday, without your caravan in tow, if desired.

The best range of Guy Ropes, Tent Pegs, Poles

Our modern guy ropes are made of quality synthetic cord, so they don't shrink or slacken if they get wet or dry out in extreme heat. Even though our synthetic guy ropes are braided lines, they never fray. They are fully adjustable with the use of Rope Grippers, which allow you to set up and keep them at the correct tension.

Along with our guy ropes, are our range of Screw In Pegs and Tent Pegs. Getting the best tent pegs for your annexe, awning or campsite may seem to be as simple as finding a piece of kit, but pegs come in all shapes and sizes. Most tents come with simple steel hooked pins - In firm ground and moderate weather, these pegs are fine but as we know too well, wind can push and pull a tent across the ground. So, if you’re pitched on soft and sandy soil, it’s likely to not be a pleasant experience. This is where Aussie Traveller comes in! With a wide range of pegs to suit different ground types, terrain and wind conditions, we have the right equipment suitable for you. Our staff are always ready to respond to any questions you may have with selecting the right pegs or any other awning accessories.

Some of our high-quality tent pegs and accessories include:

Aussie Traveller's Awning Poles can accommodate just about any awning. Featuring our renowned internal twist lock mechanism, the poles are easy to set up and adjust, and are available with different tips or ends making them suitable for different situations. All poles are anodised steel for durability, corrosion resistance and longevity.

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