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Anti Flap Kit (AFK)
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Awning Support Cradle
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Sunburst Bottom Mounting Bracket
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100mm AFK End Extensions - 2 Pack
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Curved Roof Rafter (CRR)
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AFK Centre Extensions
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Caravan Awning Parts & Accessories

We Stock The Best Caravan Awnings Parts & Accessories

By adding an awning to your caravan, you can double your outdoor living space. It will also provide you with shade on those hot, sunny days, as well as offer you ultimate protection from the weather.

Every caravan awning is different depending on the configurations and style. We supply a range of styles from rollout to cassette awnings, all of which suit our huge range of caravan awning parts and accessories. At Aussie Traveller, we ensure your awning performs at its best with the right caravan awning accessories.

We have the largest range of awning accessories in the market. Our most popular accessories include:

  • Anti-Flap Kits
  • Curved Roof Rafters
  • Awning Clotheslines
  • Awning Rope Clips
  • Awning Organiser
  • Awning Support Cradles

…And loads more!

We manufacture and install all kinds of awning parts and accessories to customise and enhance your caravan, so you can rely on it during any adventure. Our expert team are here for friendly advice on any of our products or to help you solve a caravan or outdoor adventure hitch.

Caravan Awnings Parts

The main features of an awning are the frame and the cover. Awning covers create the shade, and come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. The frame can consist of a simple structure made up of posts supports or supporting arms which can be welded or screwed for securing. Or it can come in the form of a functionally complex structure made of multiple components, such as wall brackets, roller bar, front bar, folding arms, springs, and more.

Whichever option you have, almost all modern awnings require a number of accessories that tend to vary by type of shade structure.

These include:

  • Motor: The addition of a motor to operate the awning (motorization) allows you to enjoy your shade structure at the touch of a button.
  • Fabric: The material that makes up the awning and provides shade. If you use your caravan often, you’ll need to buy caravan awning replacement fabric every few years to keep your rig looking fresh and new.
  • End Cap: The component that joins the roll tube to the motor within the drive head assembly.
  • Drive Arm Assembly: Provides the wall mount structure to hold the awning. It has an adjustable length to adapt the awning to different size caravan models.
  • Awning Rail: A metal rail that is mounted to a caravan wall before the awning is installed.
  • IR Sensor: The infrared security sensor that detects body heat and motion to trigger your awning lights to illuminate.

Aussie Traveller Is The Best Choice for Caravan Awnings Parts & Accessories

We’re proudly an Australian owned and operated company and whilst we are based in Australia, we are not limited to supplying or installing awning accessories in Australia alone. We can deliver caravan awnings parts and accessories right across Australia and on a global scale. If you ever need help with an order or a product, out expert team is always available to assist. 

We also have a delivery policy that gets your awning parts and accessories to your door quick smart. We deliver your accessories straight to your door, saving you time and energy. 

Aussie Traveller boasts the highest quality range of caravan awnings, awnings parts and accessories, anti-flap kits, rafters and storage bags. We’re affordable and flexible with plenty of payment options. You can pay via Direct Deposit, PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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