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Caravan Steps & Ladders

Caravan accessories and products are essential in creating a personal space for your next camping trip.

That's why, at Aussie Traveller, we understand that accessibility and safety are important factors whilst exploring the great outdoors. These steps play a crucial role in ensuring convenience, safety, and accessibility while entering or exiting your caravan. Fit your vehicle with some of Aussie Traveller’s steps and ladder components.

Our range of steps comes in both motorised and automatic versions, all stylishly designed for functionality and safety when stepping in and out of your caravan. Get quick and easy access to the top of your vehicle or out-of-reach storage with our full collection of ladders. Lightweight, strong and stable, all our ladders have a compact design for life on the road.

Our Caravan Step Range

At Aussie Traveller, we stock the best brands and slip-resistant features for caravan steps. Whether you're looking for steps for your RV, motorhome, or caravan, we have the perfect ones for you. Our steps are designed to provide a safe and secure entry and exit for your caravan, so you can enjoy your camping trip without the worry of slipping or falling.

We offer both manual or 12V electric options for both our drop-down steps and slide-out steps. Browse our collection online to see which product would best be suitable for your caravan or RV.

Aussie Traveller Drop-down Steps

Available in manual or 12V electric, drop-down steps for caravans are specialised types of caravan steps that provide an additional level of convenience and functionality. Unlike traditional fixed steps, drop-down steps are designed to be easily retractable or foldable, allowing them to be retract underneath the caravan, motorhome or RV when not in use. When you need them, these steps can be easily extended or dropped down to provide a sturdy step and secure platform for entering or leaving the caravan.

Aussie Traveller Slide Out Steps

Manufactured slide-out steps for caravan or RV use are types of retractable steps that extend and retract automatically with the opening and closing of the caravan door. These manual steps are typically mounted on the exterior side of the caravan, just below the entrance. When the caravan door is opened, the steps slide out from their hidden position, providing a stable platform for easy access to the caravan. When the door is closed, the steps retract back into your housing, staying flush with the caravan's body.

Slide-out steps offer convenience, space-saving benefits, and a sleek appearance, making them a popular choice among our Aussie Traveller caravan enthusiasts.

Benefits of Aussie Traveller Drop-Down and Slide-Out Steps:

  • Safety: Drop-down steps prioritise safety by offering a stable and sturdy platform for entry and exit. They are fitted with slip-resistant surfaces, providing suitable and reliable traction with additional safety support. This is specifically ideal when you're dealing with uneven terrain or when your caravan is parked on an incline.
  • Convenience: Imagine having to jump every time you wish to leave or enter your caravan. That's why with caravan steps and ladders, you can easily eliminate these inconveniences by providing a comfortable and ergonomic platform for entry and exit. They make it easy to carry equipment, groceries, or camping gear in and out of the caravan.
  • Style: Caravan drop-down steps can add a finishing touch to your caravan's exterior. You can choose from a variety of finishes to find a step system that matches your caravan's style. This will help your caravan look its best, whilst making it easier to get in and out.
  • Accessibility: Both styles of caravan steps are designed to bridge the height difference between the ground and the entrance of your caravan. They provide a stable platform, making it easier for people of all ages, including children and elderly individuals, to access the caravan.
  • User Friendly: Electric slide-out steps are a luxury option, perfect for any caravan set up, with automatic operation, suitable for all ages.

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