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Bike Racks

Caravan and RV Bike Carriers

Welcome to the great outdoors, where adventure awaits and nature beckons. At Aussie Traveller, we understand that every outdoor enthusiast seeks the perfect blend of excitement and convenience. That's why we supply top-of-the-line Thule bike racks that are the ideal companions for your wilderness escapades. Whether it's mountain bikes or road bikes, our bicycle rack and roof racks are perfect for any nature enthusiast. Shop our bike rack collection today.

Imagine this, you arrive at your campsite, ready to explore the surrounding trails and hidden gems with friends and no longer have to worry about leaving your bikes behind – with Thule’s durable and versatile bike carriers, you can bring the joy of cycling to every destination.

Mounted to the rear of your caravan, our racks have you covered. Find the best option to suit your personal needs. Whether you're transporting everyone's bikes in the family or just one bicycle, our styles of bike racks vary to suit your every need.

Bike Racks for Motorhomes

Our Thule bike racks for motorhomes are tailored solutions that cater to the unique challenges of transporting bicycles or mountain bikes on larger recreational vehicles (RVs). Typically designed as hitch-mounted carriers, these racks attach to the rear of the motorhome, utilising the existing hitch receiver. The installation process involves securing the rack into the hitch, ensuring a stable connection.

Once installed, the bike rack provides a secure platform for bikes, allowing them to be easily loaded and fastened. Some motorhome-specific bike racks are designed to accommodate the increased height of these vehicles, ensuring convenient loading and unloading.

This specialised equipment enables enthusiasts to bring their bikes along on motorhome adventures, expanding the possibilities for exploration and outdoor activities while on the road.

Types Of Caravan Bike Racks for Sale

There's no surprise there is a huge range of bike racks and electric bike racks out there, each with its unique mechanism, the primary goal is to keep the bikes stable, secured safely and protected when you're on the road. With the right preparation and the perfect bike rack, nothing can stand between you and your next cycling adventure.

Hitch Racks

Hitch racks attach to a vehicle's hitch receiver. A metal arm extends outward, providing support for the bikes. Bicycles are typically secured by wheel trays, adjustable arms, and sometimes additional straps to hold them in place. Hitch-mounted racks are known for their stability and ease of use.

Roof Racks

Mounted on the roof of a vehicle, these racks use a system of crossbars and upright mounts. Bikes are secured by clamping onto the frame, front fork, or both. Roof racks are versatile, accommodating various bike styles, but they may require lifting the bike overhead.

Rear Racks

These racks use a set of straps and hooks to attach to the trunk or rear hatch of a vehicle. Multiple bikes can hang from horizontal arms, with straps securing them in place. Also known as trunk-mounted racks, these are popular for their affordability and simplicity but may require additional support to prevent sway.

Tow Ball Racks

These racks are commonly used with cars, SUVs, and other vehicles equipped with a towbar. Tow ball racks are convenient and easy to install, typically featuring a horizontal bar that extends from the tow ball.

Electric Bike Racks

Electric bike racks for RVs are specialised carriers equipped with an electric motor that assists in loading and unloading bicycles, making it easier for electric bike racks for motorhomes to transport and access their bikes.

Bike Carriers Installation Process

Installing a bike carrier is a straightforward process with super easy steps that may vary slightly depending on the type of bike rack you have. Always follow the instructions or manual provided by the manufacturer of the bike rack. If you are unsure or don’t have the time to install, contact us and our team of installers will be able to assist.

  • For hitch-mounted racks, start by inserting the caravan bike rack into the vehicle's hitch receiver and securing it with the provided pin. Next, unfold the rack and tighten any bolts or levers to stabilise it.
  • Roof-mounted racks typically involve attaching crossbars to the roof, securing them according to the manufacturer's guidelines, and then mounting the bike carriers onto these crossbars.
  • Rear-mounted racks require positioning the carrier on the rear of the vehicle and securing it with straps and hooks, ensuring a snug fit.

Once the bike racks are mounted onto the caravan or RV and are securely in place, bicycles can be loaded onto the designated spaces and secured using adjustable arms, wheel trays, or straps. Always double-check that the installation is secure and that the bikes are firmly fastened before embarking on your outdoor journey.

The Comprehensive Range of Aussie Traveller Caravan Bike Racks Australia

Shop the range of Thule bike mount racks for your caravan, car or RV at Aussie Traveller. With a variety of options to choose from with various budget considerations, browse our online store today and purchase your very own. Happy adventuring!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do RV bike racks for sale cost?

Bike racks can vary in cost depending on the design. Expect a price range from $200 - $600+.

How many bike racks can fit on the roof?

The number of bike racks that can fit on a roof depends on the size of the vehicle's roof, the type of bike rack, and whether additional accessories like crossbars are used, but commonly, one to four bikes can be accommodated.

How many bikes can a bike rack hold?

The capacity of a bike rack varies, with common options accommodating one to five bikes depending on the type and design of the rack.

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