4WD & Camping

4WD & Camping

For those avid campers and off-road enthusiasts, our premium range of accessories are designed for exploring the great outdoors with confidence and ease. Whether embarking on a rugged 4WD journey or setting up a comfortable campsite, we have the essentials for an unforgettable experience.


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4x4 & Camping Accessories

At Aussie Traveller, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality products to make your 4x4 or camping adventure the best experience. From Storage Boxes to Canvas Bags we have what you need to for the road.

We also supply a huge range of TRED Outdoors recovery gear. Proudly Australian, TRED make high-quality, reliable outdoor and recovery gear for the explorers of this world. Every product made is the culmination of decades of real-world experience, modern technology and materials, combined with their relentless commitment to continually testing and improving our products. From clothing to camping equipment, storage solutions and other accessories, every product in the TRED Outdoors range is designed to offer peak performance, day in, day out.