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Fitment & Custom Installation Pricing

Aussie Traveller proudly offers our happy campers custom fitment and installation services. Don’t stress over having to install anything yourself, and have our experienced team do all the work for you. Our team based in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, Queensland and Melbourne, Victoria specialises in Caravan Awning and Annexe fitment, re-skins and more. Contact our team to book your own fitment appointment at a location nearest to you.

One of the key considerations for anyone seeking fitment and installation services is pricing. We believe in transparency and providing our customers with a clear understanding of what to expect. Our pricing is designed to be competitive while reflecting the high-quality service and products you'll receive from us. Find some examples of our prices here.

Fitment & Install

Awning Installation Australia

Caravan awnings come in various types and extensions, each tailored to different needs and preferences.

  • Full RV Awnings: These offer the most space and comfort, creating a complete living area outside of your caravan. They're perfect for short or long stays and often offer optional annexes to create the ideal outdoor living room.
  • Porch Awnings: Compact and versatile, porch awnings are ideal for any trip, as they extend the living space under your existing awning. They provide extra sheltered space for the BBQ, dining, storage and are quick and easy to set up.
  • Inflatable Awnings: Instead of traditional poles, these awnings are inflated using air beams. They're quick to pitch and are perfect for campers who want convenience.
  • Sun Canopies: These awnings are designed primarily for shade and sun protection. They're lightweight and straightforward, offering a comfortable space for relaxing on sunny days.
  • Driveaway Awnings: Designed for motorhomes, these awnings can be easily detached and left freestanding at the campsite, allowing you to explore without disassembling your camp.
  • Awning Rooms: Also known as Annexes, these create an enclosed room around your awning, useful for separating sleeping and living areas or providing shelter for pets.
  • Safari Rooms: Often used for safari-style tents, these awnings offer added protection and privacy, with mesh windows for ventilation and bug control.

Awning and Annexe Fitment

For those looking to install an awning or annexe, our pricing structure is determined based on the specific requirements of your setup. We offer a personalised approach to fitment, ensuring that your camping gear fits seamlessly with your RV or caravan. 

Our experienced team will assess your vehicle's features and dimensions, your camping needs, and any additional customisations you might require, such as anti-flap kits or other caravan accessories. This personalised approach allows us to provide you with accurate opinions and quotes tailored to fit your unique situation.


If you're in need of re-skinning your existing awning, our pricing will depend on the size and type of material you choose. We offer a range of high-quality materials that vary in price, giving you the flexibility to choose what best suits your budget and preferences. Our team will provide recommendations and guide you through the options, ensuring that you make an informed decision that meets your specific needs.


Are you looking for “caravan awning fitters near me” or “electric awning installers near me”? Aussie Traveller offers a high quality awning fitting service, contact us today to book in a service.

Caravan Awning Installation Services

The installation services we offer are handled by our skilled and trained professionals. Our caravan awning installation price takes into account the complexity of the job, the time required, and the travel expenses involved if we're providing services at a location distant from our bases in Brisbane and Melbourne. 

While the cost of installation can experience a difference, rest assured that you're paying for the expertise and peace of mind that comes with professional installation work. 

Fitments and Installations At Aussie Traveller

We understand that budget considerations are essential when making decisions about fitment and installation. At Aussie Traveller, we are committed to providing excellent value for your investment. While we offer competitive pricing, it's important for customers to remember that the cost of our services also includes the assurance of quality workmanship and dependable products.

In addition to pricing, we also encourage you to consider the convenience and time-saving benefits of our fitment and installation services. By choosing Aussie Traveller, you're not only investing in high-quality camping equipment but also in the expertise and dedication of our team. You can be confident that your camping adventures will be easy and stress-free, and your equipment is reliable and will run optimally for years to come.

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Aussie Traveller's caravan and RV awning installation cost is designed to be transparent, competitive, and tailored to your unique needs. We are here to make your camping experience enjoyable and hassle-free, and our pricing reflects the value you receive from our services. 

Whether you're in Brisbane, Queensland, Melbourne, Victoria, or beyond, we're ready to assist you with your camping equipment needs. Get in touch with our team today to receive a personalised quote and book an appointment on site at a location nearest to you.

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