SOG Toilet Ventilation System - Roof Vent


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Cassette Toilet

The SOG Toilet Ventilation System is an ecological solution for motorhome and caravan toilets. 100% chemical free and 100% odourless. There is no need for the use of chemical additives since the air extraction system naturally breaks down waste in a completely environmentally friendly way through the addition of Charcoal.

This system is available for all popular 12V Thetford and Dometic cassette toilets, as well as for permanent black water tanks. Choose from standard door, roof or floor venting models, all designed to match your existing cassette toilet.

This roof vent model requires no maintenance because no filter is required. The waste-holding tank is connected to the roof outlet by a pipe, and the fan is directly under the roof outlet creating adequate pressure for a pipe of up to 3m in length. The gas-tight hose is a worthy accessory for caravans and camper vans, since it is the easiest solution when retrofitting roof ventilation.

*For toilets manufactured in China, please click here for important information*

  • Additives are no longer necessary and optimal decomposition is guaranteed by the increased flow of oxygen
  • The fast and powerful ventilator immediately removes odours by suction
  • No more smells in the vehicle
  • No further problems with the pressure of gases caused by decomposition
  • The power consumption is very low at 0.43 watts
  • Easy to integrate into your vehicle's original equipment
  • No maintenance required
  • No changes to your vehicle walls


  • Fan – the heart of the system
  • Adapter parts
  • Cable set with switch to supply
  • Power to the fan
  • Roof outlet
  • Complete set of small parts for installation
  • Installation instructions
How It Works
  1. The ventilator is activated automatically when the toilet valve is opened, creating pressure in the water-tank stopping any odours from being released. 
  2. This creates “suction” at the valve opening, drawing in fresh air through the valve. Odours arising during use are therefore drawn in with the air and directed outside. 
    This downflow acts as a seal and prevents the gases and smells from rising .This means more air (oxygen) is sucked into the cassette with each use. The flushing process also adds water each time.
  3. The ventilation system will then turn off with the closing of the toilet valve but continues to provide permanent aeration – as the oxygen supply – through a pipe or hose connection that is always open to the outside, decomposition process
  4. The decomposition process for waste and toilet paper is accelerated by the increased flow of oxygen so that no additional chemicals are required.

Use & Care:

  • The waste tank should be thoroughly rinsed with clear water and shaken after emptying to avoid deposits. The cassette should then be filled with half a litre of water.
  • Always use normal toilet paper, NOT recycled paper, because special paper does no decompose as well as ordinary, lower-priced toilet paper when oxygen is used.

  • The high-performance fan is installed directly under the roof outlet and provides sufficient negative pressure, even in the case of pipes that are up to three metres long.
  • A gas-tight sanitary hose is the easiest connection to install when retrofitting a roof ventilation system.
  • The parts supplied are coordinated to fit a sewage pipe wastewater system available from specialist camping vehicle dealers (this also applies to the SOG®II model).