Awning De-flappers - European

SKU: 266309003

The Aussie Traveller range of De-flappers are a compact and easy way to stabilise your awning and protect the fabric from wind damage. They set up in a matter of seconds by simply attaching to the awning and wrapping the Velcro straps provided around the awning pole, securing tightly to prevent wind flap.

All De-flappers come with both short and long Velcro straps. The longer strap is generally used for pop top caravans due to the extra distance to the fabric from the pop top awning arms.

  • Sold as a pair, one for each side of awning
  • Designed to suit most styles of European brands of roll out caravan awnings
  • Twist knob to secure tightly to awning fabric
  • Includes both short and long straps