Curved Roof Rafter (CRR)


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SKU: 02500000000000

Colour: White

Made to our exclusive design curve and shape, the Aussie Traveller Curved Roof Rafter (CRR) helps to prevent wind flap and sagging in the fabric of the awning and assists water run-off in the rain. The CRR pairs perfectly with our Anti-Flap Kit.

Our high-quality Curved Roof Rafters are available in a Maxi Curve and a Mini Curve design, suitable for most rollout awnings.

For an easy storage solution for your CRR, you can purchase our Curved Roof Rafter Storage Bag here

  • Protects awning fabric
  • Easy to use & install
  • Available in 3 designs
  • All designs available in White
  • Mini Curve Rafter available in White and Black
  • Fitting brackets included
  • Suitable for most rollout awnings

Maxi Curve Rafter (#1)

  • 123 - 125mm
  • Suitable for longer awnings on all vehicle types

Mini Curve Rafter (#2)

  • 95 - 98mm
  • Suitable for awnings of all lengths on pop-top caravans, or for shorter awnings on all other vehicle types

Curved Tension Rafter (#3)

  • Suitable for longer awnings 18’ and over
  • Curved Tension Rafter. This design is a standard CRR fitted with a tension arm prevent longer awning roller tubes from bowing.

We also have specialised CRR for our Coolabah Awnings available here. These CRR have the same curvature as our standard rafters but are fitted with different connections suitable for attaching to a Coolabah Awning. 

Rollout Awning Size and Rafters Required:

  • 11ft and under: 1 rafter
  • 12ft: 1-2 rafters
  • 13ft - 17ft: 2 rafters
  • 18ft - 21ft: 3 rafters*
  • 22ft and over: 4 rafters*

*We recommend substituting one of the Curved Roof Rafters with a Curved Tension Rafter for these longer lengths.

Cassette Awnings and Rafters Required:

  • Only 1 Curved Roof Rafter is required regardless of awning length.

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