Thule Roof Vent

SKU: 41000000000320

Vent Colour

This stylish Thule Roof Vent is available in manual or 12V electric, with the option of a white, translucent or transparent external dome. These Thule vents include a block-out roller blind and mosquito screen as standard.

  • Consists of translucent plastics to give maximum light
  • Supplies your vehicle with fresh air in no time thanks to the efficient 12V adjustable motor (electric model only)
  • Can change rotation direction and speed quickly and easily (electric model only)
  • Has a removable mosquito screen to simplify cleaning and to keep out dirt.
  • The blind can be rolled up in 3 phases
  • Outer dome available in white, translucent or transparent and can be opened and set at any required position
  • Quick and easy to install and can easily be upgraded into a 12V vent (manual only)
  • The motor stops automatically if the ventilator is jammed (electric model only)
  • In order to avoid a flat battery, the ventilator is protected against low voltage from 11.1V (electric model only)
  • The ventilator is protected against excessively high voltage 19.5V (electric model only)
  • Quick and easy clamp style fitting
  • Max airflow 20m3/min (electric model only)
  • 105cm2 Ventilation when closed
  • 2 x 6 ventilation speeds. (electric model only)
  • Comfort Mode: the ventilator always starts at the lowest speed (electric model only)
  • Energy Saving Function: after 1 hour at the highest setting, the ventilator automatically reverts to the comfort mode (electric model only)
  • Boost Function: the ventilator has a boost function which returns to its original speed after 5 minutes. This is ideal in toilets or bathrooms. (electric model only)


  • Power Consumption 0.17A – 3A (electric model only)
  • Max Air Flow 20m3/min
  • Diameter 300mm

Technical Data

  • Aperture Size 400 x 400mm
  • Inner Frame 458 x 462mm
  • Height (Closed) 78mm
  • Roof Thickness 25 - 40mm as standard, 40 - 60mm via the additional fitting kit
  • Max Opening Angle 40°


  • Dome White Polypropylene
  • Dome Transparent Polycarbonate (Lexan)
  • Inner Frame Polystyrene
  • Curtain Frame ABS
  • Outer Frame ASA