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Product Support

For sales customer service, please contact our Sales Customer Service Department on 1300 663 868 or email: enquiries@aussietraveller.com.au

For warranty please contact our After Sales Customer Service Department:

Ph: 1300 663 868
Email: service@aussietraveller.com.au

Aussie Traveller will undertake to resolve any fault with their product as quickly as possible and with as little inconvenience to our customers as possible. Should you experience a problem, please contact our After Sales Customer Service Department immediately either by phone (1300 663 868) or email (service@aussietraveller.com.au) and provide us with the following information:-

  • * Your name, address, phone number, email address and current location
  • * Description of the problem
  • * Serial number of the product (if applicable) and the chassis no. of the vehicle
  • * Proof of purchase


We will contact you by email or by phone and:-

  • * Advise you of a repairer closest to your location and make arrangements for the problem to be resolved



All Third Party Repairs must be approved by Aussie Traveller prior to commencement of any work. It is the purchaser's responsibility to make their way to the nearest repair centre to allow for repairs to be carried out.

Aussie Traveller will not bear any costs involved in repairer's travelling expenses or delivery charges.


Door Lock Support

* How to change an ATRV door lock

* How to check that your ATRV door is properly installed

* How to open an ATRV door with a damaged or jammed door lock (or if you've lost your keys).


Awning Support

* SBE Operation & Installation Instructions